Sgaravatti Team wins bronze

From left to right: Henriette Driessens, Marcella Gandini, Sandra Ochsner, Silvia Stapf and Brigitte Zafra.

The Swiss team was playing against Sweden. The goal was: bringing home bronze. The Masters Team was supporting the Sgaravatti Team the whole day.
Brigitte brought home the first point. Shortly afterwards Marcella won her match and Switzerland was leading 2:0. Henriette’s opponent was playing a strong game and this point went to Sweden. Silvia fighted hard but lost her match at hole 18. So the last matchplay was the all deceiding game. On hole 18 Sandra had the opportunity to win her match with her putt. She didn’t show nervousness and sank the putt! Congratulation to the team for winning the bronze medal!
Final results  

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